The Difference Between a Sports Physical Therapist (PT) & a General PT

The Difference Between a Sports Physical Therapist (PT) & a General PT

You might be wondering what’s the difference between a physical therapist (PT) who says they’re a “Sports PT” versus a general one.  And does it really make that much of a difference?

Short answer….BIG difference and YES, it absolutely will make that much of a difference!


Sports Physical Therapists have the skills to treat you at the level of care that you need for your particular treatment plan.

Athletes require a different level of physical preparedness and performance compared to the average patient.  Helping athletes recover from an injury or surgery requires not only a high level of knowledge/skill about sports injuries & rehab but also a deep understanding of the physical demands of their sport.  

Here at Evolve, more than half of our physical therapists are Board Certified Specialists in Sports Physical Therapy- a title held by less than 1% of all PT’s nationwide, and most of our PTs are also Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialists. This allows our Physical Therapists to not only be experts with your sport injury, but also to transition your plan of care to train for your specific sport. 

Our Syosset, Long Island location is equipped with an athletic performance center (AMP) that is capable of training high-level athletes ranging from student/High School to the Professional level. With access to this space and equipment, we are able to get you back to playing your sport as quickly and safely as possible. 

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