Is your performance limited by pain or do you feel like your body is never 100%?

Do you want to improve your pitching or hitting performance?

Do you feel like there is more performance and velocity to get out of your body?

Our Baseball Performance and Biomechanics program will help optimize your body so you perform at your full potential.  It will improve your pitching/hitting performance while also decreasing your chance of getting injured by identifying and addressing any movement limitations you have.

The program consists of a full body movement assessment followed by an individualized program designed to address any limitations found.

The movement assessment program was designed by OnBase University - a world leader in the education of baseball and softball experts.

The OnBaseU philosophy is:

“OnBase University certified professionals don’t believe there is only one technically correct way to play baseball or softball. We believe there are an infinite number of ways to play the game. But we do believe that there is one efficient way for every athlete to play and it is based on what they can physically do. In other words, we try to match an athlete’s physical abilities to their technical skills. This helps them perform at the highest level possible.”

What you get with our program:

  • A baseball specific (hitting, pitching or both) screen performed by a Board Certified Sports PT Specialist who is also certified by OnBaseU. This is a 1.5 hour session and consists of:
    • Full-body movement assessment
    • Analysis of movement assessment - figuring out how any limitations found are affecting your performance, increasing your risk for injury, etc.
    •  Individualized program designed to address your problem areas (corrective exercises, manual therapy, neuromuscular retraining, etc.)
    • Video review of hitting/pitching to identify “inhibitors” which could be causing issue and decreasing performance 
  • Players are also given pre-hitting/pitching routines that will allow their body to efficiently meet the demands of throwing and/or swinging allowing them to maximize their power while minimizing risk of injury.
  • Players (and their parents) will have year-round access to us via text/email/phone to talk about any questions/concerns they may have and to have help structuring performance and training calendar. 

Ready to find out more?

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