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Injury Reduction and Optimum Performance: A Biomechanics Driven Approach

The Evolve Experience: We specialize in helping athletes quickly recover from injury and get back to playing sports.

At Evolve Physical Therapy, we are uniquely qualified in caring for athletes and active people to get them feeling, moving, and living better.

On your first visit, you'll receive a personalized, comprehensive evaluation from our team of Board Certified Sports Specialists, that aims to identify the root cause of your pain and/or injury. Not only do we treat symptoms, we focus on getting you back to playing as FAST and SAFELY as possible while also giving you the long-term relief you are looking for.

We use an individualized approach where each patient receives one-on-one treatment sessions and a custom plan of care that suits their own unique needs.

Injuries We Commonly Treat

When it comes to rehabbing athletes & active people, it's impossible to be an expert in one particular body part without being an expert in the others.  Athletic activities require your entire body to work as a whole, so sports therapists must have expertise in all body parts.  For that reason, we successfully treat a variety or injuries/conditions.

 Shoulder Pain (rotator cuff/labrum issues, pitching injuries, shoulder sprains, etc)

Knee Pain (sprains, tendinitis, etc)

Elbow Pain

Back Pain

Neck Pain

Muscle Strains (calf, hamstring, groin, etc)

Ankle Sprains / Pain

Achilles Tendinitis

Hip Pain

Plantar Fasciitis

Post-Surgical Rehab

Some of Our Specialties Are:

Biomechanical running analysis

Titleist Performance Institute (TPI – golf swing analysis, golf health and fitness)

Gymnastics Performance and Injury prevention

Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA)

OnBaseU Hitting & Pitching

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