Q: What is a Physical Therapy, who is it for and what is a Physical Therapist?

Answer: Physical Therapy is for everybody and every - body!  Physical Therapists (PT’s) are licensed by the state in which they practice in and are required to have a Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) from an accredited program (some of us have a Master’s degree if we graduated before the 2000’s).  

Physical Therapists are the experts on how the body moves and how the musculoskeletal system works.  We can assess muscle strength, range of motion and the integrity of the neurological system.  We can screen for potential issues to help reduce the risk of injury and if an injury does occur, we specialize in how to rehabilitate that condition. PT’s are also highly trained to recognize other more serious issues and can help direct patients to the proper health care providers. 

Q: Do I need to be injured to have PT?

Answer: Not at all! Just like any other things you get a “check up” for, PT can help find imbalances in strength and mobility to help create programs to keep your body healthy. We can also design strength and conditioning programs for all levels, from young athletes to fall prevention and muscle preservation for the aging population.  

Q: I am in pain so should I try seeing a physical therapist?  

Answer: Yes!  We are the leaders in using exercise as part of pain management science.  Research supports the use of “exercise as medicine” for several conditions that cause pain. 

Q: Do you accept insurance?

Answer: We accept all commercial insurances on an Out of Network basis. We also accept Medicare plans. Being an Out of Network clinic means that we don’t have a contract with insurance companies, we have contracts with our patients. This allows us to provide one-on-one, hands on care, with all of our patients for the entire session.  We invite you to contact us so we can help answer questions since we know how complicated health insurance can be. 

Q: What happens during a typical Physical Therapy session?

Answer: During your session a PT will go through a range of assessments to check for imbalances, perform manual therapy (hands on help to improve joint mobility and muscle tension), and go through specific exercises to help stabilize and strengthen. As an integral part of the recovery process, we make sure to provide each of our patients homework exercises to work on in between their visits.

Q: How often are Physical Therapy sessions needed?

Answer: The amount of sessions needed varies between each patient and their individual needs. Our personalized Physical Therapy program allows our patients to customize their experience based on their unique needs by choosing between in-home care, in-clinic care, and virtual care.  On average you can expect to visit your Physical Therapist from 1 to 3 times per week, and most of our patients begin at twice a week and gradually only need once per week until graduation.  Also keep in mind, that because all of our patients receive one-on-one hands on care, our Physical therapists are able to give a more in-depth session, allowing a higher quality level of care and experience.  

Q: How long does a Physical Therapy program take to complete?

Answer: A patient’s physical therapy program or “Plan of Care” is dependent on their specific injury or reason for treatment, combined with continued at-home exercises to increase recovery speed. Traditionally, The average plan of care is about 12 visits which is anywhere between 6-12 weeks.  However, because we offer a wide range of services at Evolve that include sports medicine, performance, injury reduction, strength and conditioning, and several specialty sport specific programs; the sessions and time frames may vary. The best way to know how many sessions you’ll need is to have an Initial Evaluation with one of our PT’s where they can assess your needs, and guide you through the process.