What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy (PT) is a proven medical treatment option that can provide natural, long-term relief for people’s aches, pains, stiffness, etc.  PT is a comprehensive treatment approach that involves easing worries and concerns for people suffering from aches, pains, stiffness, etc, providing the necessary relief, and helping that person move freely again so they can live an active lifestyle for years to come. 

Would physical therapy help someone like me?

Here’s a list of the types of people physical therapy helps:

  • People who love to be active why? Because people “on the go” have lots of good reasons to get better fast (workout, play with their kids/grandkids, enjoy life, etc.)
  • Athletes (youth through professional) – why?  Because they need their bodies to be functioning like “well-oiled machines” to perform well in their sport
  • “Weekend Warriors” – why?  Because they need to keep their bodies in good shape to be able to do the activities they love to do to “get away” from their stressful week of work
  • People who take their health seriously – why?  A lot of people who come to us are very proactive about their health.  That means they read up on health topics (like what to eat, exercises to do, etc) and try their best to stay out of the doctor’s office.
Do you only treat athletes?

No!!!  Even though we’re part of the <1% of physical therapists in the country who are Board Certified Specialists in Sports PT, high-level competitive athletes are FAR from the only people we treat.

While PT helps people who play sports, it’s actually just as valuable to help people who are aged 40+ and who just want to keep active for as long as possible.

If you’re an active person who values their health, WE CAN HELP you regardless of your age or fitness level.  Whether you work out a few days per week, are a weekend warrior, or just want to be able to play with your kids, we are here to help you!

Do you treat [insert diagnosis/ injured body part here]?

If you’re suffering from back, neck, shoulder, elbow, hip, knee or foot/ankle pain, then YES!  When it comes to rehabbing athletes and active people, it is impossible to be an expert in one body part without being an expert in the others.  Pain in one area of your body is often linked to a limitation in another area.  For that reason, we successfully treat a variety of athletic injuries/conditions.

Do I get personal support if I need it?

Yes.  If you decide to do physical therapy with us, you’ll be given almost unrestricted access to your own therapist who will be on hand to take your call or reply to your emails/texts for as long as you need.

Do you have someone who specializes in sports injuries?

Yes.  We have 4 Board Certified Specialists in Sports Physical – this title is held by < 1% of physical therapists in the country.  There is no one more qualified in the area to handle sports injuries.

Can I speak with a physical therapist before I book an appointment to make sure it would help me?

Absolutely.  Just call/text us at 516-888-9661 (Syosset location) or 212-439-1596 (Upper East Side location) to speak with one of our team members.  Or just email your question to us at info@evolveptnyc.com.

What should I wear for my physical therapy sessions?

We recommend that you wear comfortable clothing that allows easy access to the injured and surrounding areas.  We will always aim to remove as little clothing as possible and we will never ask that you remove an item of clothing that may completely expose a large area of your body.

For example, if you have knee pain then shorts would work or if you have shoulder pain then a tank top would be great.

What will happen during my first session?

Your first session will consist of a detailed history about you and your current problem(s); an individualized, comprehensive musculoskeletal (physical) evaluation; education on your problem and what we/you can do about it, and treatment to help ease your pain.  We don’t waste any time trying to help you reach your goals.

Will I learn some things (tips, exercises, etc) that I can be doing at home to help myself get better quicker?

Absolutely.  The aim is to help you in every which way we can.  You’re only with us for 60 minutes, so we try to “arm” you with as many tools, hints, and tips that you’ll need to make a difference.  Your therapist will provide you with some “homework” or tips to help ease your pain quicker and these will be adjusted as you progress through your plan.

What will happen if I don’t choose to go to physical therapy?

Your current problem will continue and you’ll run the risk of doing more damage to the area (or maybe even another area).  A failure to stick to the right recovery program after an injury could increase the likelihood of not achieving a full recovery and/or suffering another injury.

Are your treatments “hands-on?” Someone told me to make sure my therapist is “hands-on” with me…but I’m not really sure what that means?

Yes.  Our treatment approach is a very “hands-on” approach.  This means that we do a lot of soft tissue work, joint mobilizations/manipulations, etc.  We find that incorporating these manual techniques speeds up the recovery process.

And we are unlike other clinics in the area in that we give you more 1-on-1 time with your therapist.  We do not spend 10 mins with you and then pass you off to less qualified support staff like most other clinics.

Do I need a referral from my doctor to come to physical therapy?

No!  You DO NOT NEED a referral or prescription from your doctor to begin physical therapy.  This means you can start receiving treatment and be on the way to achieving your goals without seeing a doctor.

Not only has this proven to be completely safe, but it has also shown to produce BETTER OUTCOMES….saving you valuable time and money!


In New York, you’re allowed to come for 10 visits or 30 days without needing to see a physician/have a prescription.

What does physical therapy treatment actually entail?

Things like soft tissue work (massage with hands/instruments, etc), joint mobilizations, stretches, strengthening/stabilization exercises, and (most importantly) education.  As an integral part of the recovery process, we make sure to provide each of our patients exercises they can do at home on their own.

Will I be in pain after a session?

More often than not, you will feel BETTER after your session.  There are some times when there is some soreness afterwards, but usually not pain.  This discomfort usually decreases as treatment progresses.  And if there is any pain after your session, simply talk to your therapist about it and they’ll help you figure out what happened and adjust accordingly.

How often will I need treatment?

That is always dependent on the nature of your problem, your personal goals, and how quick you want the improvements.  Our aim is to reach your goals as quickly and safely as possible.  After your initial evaluation, your therapist will be able to better answer this question.

Also keep in mind that because all of our patients receive more 1-on-1 time with their therapist, we’re able to give a more in-depth session, which likely means less sessions for you compared to other clinics in the area.

How long before I feel a difference from physical therapy?

The speed at which your physical problem is eased is dependent on many things – how long you’ve had it, how it happened, your age, etc – and also on the knowledge & manual skills of the therapist.  Rarely does anyone spend more than 2-3 weeks in our care without feeling a significant difference.

In most cases, people who come to us for help will leave feeling significantly better after their first session!  This doesn’t mean that they are “cured” in one session, just that they feel much better and are already on the path to a full recovery.