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Evolve @ Home

Customize your Evolve Experience

If we have learned anything in 2020, it is that we are much more adaptable than we once thought. From working from home with endless Zoom meetings, transitioning from parent to first-grade teacher, drive-by birthday parties, and making a home gym in your living room, we have had to adapt. It hasn’t been easy, but we have persevered and found new creative ways to go about our days.

At Evolve Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation, we have also learned how to adjust to the new normal and we are excited to announce our new and improved Evolve @ Home Program! Patients will now have the opportunity to fulfill their Physical Therapy needs from the safety and comfort of their own homes, with the same level of care you would receive in our office. Our program will allow patients a new level of flexibility with their health care, a reduction in stress, and most importantly, an increase of safety and comfort.

 A session with a licensed and vaccinated Physical Therapist can be scheduled Monday through Friday, with a wide range of appointment options to best fit your schedule.You may choose to customize your care, with options such as being seen in the office, at home, via telehealth or a combination of all three. Your therapist will safely and effectively lead you through an individualized treatment program that will aid you in reaching your Physical Therapy goals, teach you how to safely exercise at home, and provide you with other services such as ergonomic assessments and fall prevention. Our physical therapists are also offering training sessions, and can teach you how to safely workout at home with whatever equipment you have available. We are trained to treat and train patients and athletes of all ages! Our Physical Therapists will also offer to track vitals such as blood pressure, heart rate, and blood oxygen levels to share with you and your doctor throughout your treatment.

We promise to continue to adapt, learn, and EVOLVE together as we overcome the COVID-19 pandemic. From constructing patient schedules to reduce traffic, increased sanitary precautions, and sessions via Telehealth, we have strived to ensure your safety while maintaining the highest level of individualized care. We are beyond excited to introduce Evolve @ Home to our patients, and offer them a new way to get the care they need, in whichever way they feel more comfortable. 

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In good health,

The Evolve Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation Team