Our mission is to provide expert PT, elite level sports performance training and injury prevention, and enhanced personal training to help our patients feel, move, and live better.

We base our mission on the
following principle:

The Evolve Experience:

  • We provide expert physical therapy using methods that are proven to help our patients achieve their goals.
  • We use the most up-to-date research, methods, and equipment to ensure success.
  • We continuously expand our knowledge by taking courses, attending lectures, and exchanging information and ideas with our peers in the industry.
  • We use an individualized approach to treatment so that each patient gets what is best for him or her.
  • We are advocates for our patients’ overall health and educate them about the body, the anatomy, and how it functions.
  • We coordinate with other trusted health and wellness professionals to make sure people choose the best options for them to reach their goals.


Evolve Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation is comprised of a team of physical therapists, sports performance/injury prevention specialists, strength and conditioning coaches, and personal trainers.  But what we REALLY do is offer what we call the “Evolve Experience” for our clients.  The Evolve Experience involves a multi-disciplinary research-and-evidence-based team approach to help our patients.  This is the same approach used with elite athletes at all levels and is the best way to achieve success and maximize results.

Although Physical Therapists are known to be the experts in treating injuries, you DO NOT need to be injured to benefit from physical therapy (PT). Physical therapists are also the experts in analyzing and correcting movement and balance, in injury prevention, and evaluating dysfunction.

We can help people move better, feel better and recover from injuries and surgeries faster. We’re also able to analyze movements in sports, such as your running mechanics or your golf or tennis swing in order to avoid injury and maximize performance. We can also help people reach their performance or fitness goals in a safer, faster way using our integrated approach.


Our vision is to provide the best experience possible to our patients by using the most effective research-based techniques to get you feeling and moving better. Unfortunately, most physical therapy clinics are focused on volume, and because of this, people sometimes receive inferior care.  At Evolve, we focus on quality, not quantity. We use an individualized, hands-on approach to evaluate and correct imbalances of the joints and muscles, and we prescribe the most effective therapeutic exercises to help maintain and improve your body’s function.

The fitness industry has changed a lot over the past few years, and more people are attending Crossfit, bootcamps, and other high-intensity exercise classes. The problem is that there is no attention to detail or way to know if you are ready for such complicated and high-impact movements, and this can lead to poor results and injuries.  You need to crawl before you walk, and the intense exercise class approach is like running a marathon without having done any training runs.  Our enhanced personal training combines an analysis from an expert physical therapist and a strength and conditioning specialist to make sure you get the individual attention your body needs.