Evolve Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation

Evolve Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation was founded by Greg Babiec and Jason Roth, expert physical therapists who have more than 30 years of combined experience in physical therapy, orthopedics, sports medicine, strength and conditioning, and personal training. They have built a team of experts who combine evidence-based methods in physical therapy and exercise science to create individualized rehabilitation, fitness, sport performance, and injury prevention programs.

Who Needs Physical Therapy?

  • Are you having pain?

    If you are having pain, research supports that you should GET PHYSICAL THERAPY FIRST because it has been shown to get you better faster and save you time and money on unnecessary tests and medicine.

  • Are you having surgery?

    We hope you tried the right physical therapy first, because it has been shown to be the best way to avoid surgery while producing the same results at times. Research has also shown that people needing surgery who first get physical therapy, or “pre-habilitation,” have much better results and recover faster.

  • Are you having trouble with a sport, exercise, daily activity, or balance?

    Physical therapists are the experts in analyzing and correcting dysfunctional movement in everyday life and in sports. At Evolve, we use the most current research and concepts to find and fix joint problems, soft tissue issues, and muscular imbalances.

  • Do you want to improve your athletic performance and/or reduce your risk of injury?

    We provide elite-level sports performance and injury prevention using the same multi-disciplinary, evidence based approach that professional athletes use.

  • Do you want to move, feel, or look better?

    We have created Enhanced Personal Training that combines a movement and strength analysis from one of our expert physical therapists with the best exercise science from our strength and conditioning specialists or personal trainers. This allows us to create a customized fitness program that is safe and effective.

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What is overtraining syndrome?

Although somewhat controversial, “overtraining” is actually considered to be a syndrome in and of itself and is evidence of a body that is being pushed past the point of its ability to heal and repair itself.

Featured Services

Physical Therapy

Our highly skilled team uses a hands on approach to assess joint and muscular imbalances and create individualized programs to get you feeling better in the safest way.

Sports Performance/Injury Prevention

We are highly skilled at finding imbalances in strength, flexibility, mobility and stability and can fix these imbalances so that you perform better and avoid injury.

Enhanced Personal Training

An integrated approach to personal training that combines expert physical therapy analysis, strength and conditioning concepts and current research.

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Patient Testimonials


Quick and easy fit for Sols foot orthotics, my feet don’t hurt standing in operating room anymore (medical student).  These orthotics are a fantastic ancillary PT service offered at Evolve for an innovative product that works!  6+ months of daily use on hard hospital floors and feet are great.  I just ordered a second pair for my running shoes too!

Alexander K.1/21/2016- Southampton, NY


Wanted to write a review for this business because this is the third time I’ve had an injury successfully rehabbed at this facility. I’m an athlete so I’m not new to physical therapy. Some places give a mediocre speed you through the movements and out the door approach, but at Evolve I’ve received the best treatment and had the best results. Definitely recommend this place to anyone assessing or treating a new or old injury.

JJ S.5/9/2014- Manhattan, NY


For six months, I was in pain from a muscle spasm in my neck. I had headaches, neckaches, shoulder aches. I couldn’t sleep much and would wake up feeling lousy. I had trigger point shots for three months from my regular doctor (they just hurt a lot, and didn’t help). I had many expensive massages. I did steams, saunas, tried YouTube stretches, everything. I stopped doing yoga and my regular exercise. Then I happened to meet Greg by chance. He suggested I make an appointment. I was skeptical, even cynical, that he could help me, but I thought, “What choice do I have? May as well.” My insurance happened to cover a limited number of sessions anyway (and Evolve would submit for me). From the first time I called, I felt I was in professional hands and the staff was so nice. I started working with Greg twice a week and five weeks later I am almost completely pain free and feeling terrific again. Greg is truly invested in his patients’ success, skilled, knowledgeable, and committed. He did not treat the symptoms; he treated the actual origins of the problem. That’s what worked. I had a fantastic experience with Evolve, and am so grateful I put myself in their capable hands.

J.V.7/30/2015- Fort Greene, Brooklyn, NY


I have seen many Physical Therapists in my 74years and have never come across such a professional and knowledgable staff. Jason is beyond amazing. I saw him post shoulder surgery, suffering from severe nerve pain. He met me at my level and gradually returned me to full function so I was able to return to my passion of painting. I am back again with back problems and am fully confident that he is working with me towards full recovery. The entire staff, from the front desk to the other PTs and assistants are special.

JoAnn L.7/1/2015- Manhattan, NY


I got into a car accident in the fall of 2014 and was receiving treatment at a separate facility by the advice of an attorney. After 4 months of treatment several times a week, I found that my symptoms hadn’t improved. The therapists there told me it must have been something I was doing because the specific spinal injury I had “should’ve been completely healed within 3 months”. Upon hearing that, I realized the treatment was probably inadequate so I was referred to Evolve Physical Therapy. Upon my arrival, I was treated with the utmost respect and one of the physical therapists there, Greg, did a very thorough evaluation on me, unlike anything I received at the prior facility. He immediately pinpointed the issue and was very hands on with the bulging/herniated disks in my lumbar spine. After about 2-3 treatments a week for a month, most of my pain was alleviated. The thoroughness and expertise Evolve practices with each patient is extraordinary and I’m very thankful that I came to them. The cookie cutter therapy most physical therapy offices offer their patients just doesn’t work for everyone and Evolve knows that. They use state of the art equipment and they gave me whatever instruments I needed to do my exercises at home. They are high quality, highly experienced, very motivated therapists there that actually care about their patients. I LOVE THEM!!

Elizabeth L.6/15/2015- Brooklyn, NY


The Evolve staff is professional and dedicated to the art of healing. From the moment I walked in and was greeted warmly by the front desk I knew I would be in good hands. My main therapist Jillian, with Michelle and assistants are all part of one team whose purpose is the client’s care and successful rehabilitation. My care was exceptional. I wholeheartedly recommend Evolve.

Rena S.4/6/2015- Brooklyn, NY


Great physical therapy. I had back pain and a pulled calf muscle. Greg and Josh got me back in shape and gave me exercises to keep me in shape.

Ed W.8/24/2013- New York, NY


I would second the thoughts of the other reviewers.  I had ACL and Meniscus surgery and this team got me up on my feet and feeling normal again (physically and mentally) in a very short period of time.

They are all very talented and dedicated to excellence in Physical Therapy treatment.

Tim S.6/17/2013- New York, NY


Extremely knowledgeable, attentive and caring physiotherapists. Greg and Jason lead an awesome team, who work well together in their areas of expertise. They were essential to my recovery from a spiral fracture of my lower leg bone.

Paulo S. 5/25/2013- Manhattan, NY


Caring people who know their stuff.  As thorough as can be. Greg, Jason and staff are very accommodating.  I suggest to anyone needing PT,  need not look any further.

Shelly A.3/7/2013- Manhattan, NY